Omi’s Elderberry Elixir


Elderberry is a potent viral inhibitor. Its anti-influenza ability has been greatly researched in both Israel and Switzerland.  It is packed with Vitamin C, Quercetin which has a powerful anti-histamine effect and improves heart and circulatory function. Put it together with the adaptogenicqualities of pure Canadian Chaga, Astralagus, immune boosting Echinacea, fresh ginger, antibacterial clove, and the phytonutrients of raw local honey you have a complete POWER HOUSE ELIXIR!  OLD SCHOOL MEDICINE AT ITS FINEST!

As with all supplements, it is suggested that you start with the directions on the label.  As time goes on you can increase your dose if you wish. Taking a daily dose is recommended for at least 7 days before increasing the dose.  If you feel like you are coming down with a flu, sore throat or cough, 15 ml (1 tablespoon) up to 3 times a day for 3-5 days.

Kids actually like the taste, and take it without question – which is always nice for Mom, especially now with back to school they need all the help they can get!!!

Note: Elderberry and chaga may lower blood sugars, lower blood pressure, and turbo boost your immune system!  Those that are in cancer treatment, on diabetic or blood pressure medications, or have an auto immune disorder should always check with their doctor first.


“I love Omi’s Elderberry Elixir! I take it regularly. It tastes great and I find it gets rid of scratchy, sore throats almost instantly!  It even helps with my perfume allergy!” Bonnie Adam- Registered Acupuncturist Guelph, Ontario

“I started to get a sore throat and chills, and my daughter brought me a bottle of this.  At 77   it isn’t easy to bounce back from being sick.  Within a day of taking it (and lots of fluids of course) I was back on my feet like nothing happened!  Thank you!!!  I will keep this stuff on hand, and giving a bottle to my friends!”  Irma H.- Burlington, Ontario

“This elixir is a great tasting way to get my kids to take their vitamin C intake – and is the easiest way to boost their immune system.  It is a must in my household.” Elsie Kelley- Registered Massage Therapist Breslau, Ontario

“Omi’s Elderberry Elixir is my go to when my kids are fighting a cold. My boys, age 4 and 6 love the taste and claim that it helps them feel better, and I have noticed a shorter recovery time” Janet Dawes- BSc., CSC Associate Financial Advisor- Guelph, Ontario